When people find themselves suddenly in the middle of a lawsuit, they end up reaching for whatever law firm they can find as they feverishly work to close the case. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, which is why we can be involved in a legal quarrel we didn’t exactly see coming. Since we aren’t prepared fully with legal education when choosing a law firm, we can end up selecting a big name, a corporate firm that treats the case like “just another project.”

That kind of client mishandling is what inspired attorney James Simmons to leave the big law firms and start a new career within the boutique law realm. 

“The large firms are all about quantity, which is why they’ll snatch up cases for the money without actually evaluating the person or the case. There’s no personal aspect,” said Simmons. “I worked at a huge defense firm for over 6-years, where I handled everything from high exposure claims to catastrophic injuries. I wanted to be able to extend personal support to these people, which is when I knew it was time to launch The Simmons Law Group.”

A New Kind of Down to Earth Attorney

Simmons isn’t exactly a textbook attorney – he values his time outside of his suit where he can connect, hone in, and channel his zen. As a Brazilian jujitsu athlete who has learned the ins and outs of reading the opponent, withholding strength, and strategizing before making the big attack, Simmons says he lives that kind of zen lifestyle both in and outside of the office.  

“It’s all about zoning in and focusing on the mission ahead,” said Simmons. “If an attorney is not able to separate the cases and take each one on as an isolated project, they are never going to provide the detail the client deserves. Jujitsu has taught me to isolate moving elements and strike when the moment is right, practicing patience for an ultimate victory. Personal injury law is the exact same way.”

The Simmons Law Group has been experiencing massive growth and demand in the last year, leading Simmons to expand his team to take on the mounting cases. He attributes the success to working as a customer service representative more than anything. Simmons personally calls all clients and ensures he has every last detail as opposed to the bigger firms that never call, or worse, use automated calls to collect information.

Expertise in the Making

Simmons specializes in personal injury and premises liability negligence claims. He serves the Central Florida area and surrounding regions in various types of motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and medical negligence cases. It is his passion to fight for those who have been wrongfully injured. 

“I have tailored my law practice from my early life and career experiences to provide the optimal result for my clients,” said Simmons. “Above all else, I am here to serve my clients.”

Simmons is a graduate of the Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando, Florida. He received his Juris Doctorate with Honors. Prior to his law degree, Simmons attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science.

Combining his educational, fitness, and life experience in his service style as a lawyer, Simmons is hoping to change as many lives as possible with his services. 

As the name of Simmons’ expanding law firm implies, he is ready to be anyone’s legal champion.