Every year, millions of Americans will research ways to fight signs of aging. It’s a massive, multi-billion-dollar industry that at times, plays these individuals and sells them ineffective products. Since aging is something that is personal and emotional in nature to people, they are more likely to fall for stories and gimmicks that tug on their heart strings.

That’s why BioLight, the red light therapy distribution platform that has produced results with inflammation, anxiety, depression, fat loss, hair health, heart health, and more, wants people to know that a special cream using this technology is poised to be their anti-aging solution. 

Called the Longevv Revivv Crème, this revolutionary skin care product is made to extend the longevity of our skin, fighting against natural aging and wrinkles. The cream was designed specifically to enhance the effects and overall results of red light therapy treatments, while maximizing the health benefits of full-spectrum light exposure from the sun. Using its proprietary ingredients, the cream has an unprecedented combination of anti-aging ingredients that lead to tangible results.

The Longevv Revivv Crème leverages organic botanics to provide a natural approach to anti-aging. As the antithesis to ineffective and chemical-packed skincare products on the market today, this cream produces a silky-smooth texture and enhanced skin color upon first application. After a few weeks of consistent use, individuals notice a youthful appearance with a natural vibrancy that was not there before.

Some of the most powerful ingredients within the product include:

  • Phytodynamic amino acids: these convert UV light to red light, increasing the production of fibronectin, said to ‘be the holy grail of anti-aging.
  • Astaxanthin: has been shown to increase skin moisture, moisture retention, and elasticity. This ingredient also helps to lighten dark spots, while providing protection against ultraviolet radiation. 
  • Turmeric: containing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, turmeric blocks the enzyme elastase, which attacks your skin’s natural ability to produce elastin. 
  • Cupuacu butter: restores elasticity to the skin while hydrating the surrounding area.
  • Geranium rose: soothes and improves the quality of the skin through natural oil production balance.

Additional ingredients include: copper peptides, C60, shungite, and humic acids.

“The strategic composition of this cream targets everything that goes wrong with aging skin, from inflammation and discoloration, to lack of natural elasticity and smoothness,” said Dr. Mike Belkowski, Founder and Owner of BioLight. “Instead of relying on synthetic chemicals and other dangerous ingredients that are found in our products today, we decided to create one of the most natural and effective creams on the market.”

The final element of the cream worth mentioning is the unparalleled Miron Violet Glass, which enables all plants to grow until maturity. Once that happens, the effect of the light changes and accelerates the molecular decaying process. This glass works as a natural filter that only lets in enough sunlight to protect and improve the quality of premium and sensitive substances. As a result, this unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are released by visible light, lengthening the potency of the product.