Claudia Yang Explains Major Challenges Law Offices Faced During the Pandemic

The team at Case Engine, a public relations, digital marketing firm for lawyers, met with attorney Claudia Yang to discuss her firm and the changes she and her firm have encountered in 2020. Claudia Yang is an associate attorney at Iron Eagle Law. As one of the leading firms in Georgia, Iron Eagle Law has earned a reputation for working tirelessly for their clients, even during this challenging time of social distancing, when many courtrooms are still closed. However, Yang feels confident that the firm will see some case progress in the coming months when the courts reopen their doors for trials.

Waiting for Courtrooms to Reopen Their Doors

Like many states, Georgia’s courtrooms have been closed for several months due to the pandemic and social distancing protocols. For many attorneys, a closed courtroom can make it difficult to see any type of real progress in a case.

When a member from Case Engine asked Yang what some of the biggest changes her firm has encountered in the law field in 2020, she explained that courts in Georgia are just now starting to reopen their doors. Yang explained “We’re close to getting that right now. I think we’ve started calling jurors ever since October 31st. So we’re about to have our first jury trial in late November or early December.” While many courtrooms are still closed all over the country, that doesn’t stop Yang or her fellow attorneys from handling a variety of challenging cases.

A Look Inside Iron Eagle Law Firm

Yang’s firm focuses on a few areas of law, including personal injury, workers comp, and social security. Yang explained that she handles approximately 20% of social security cases, with the rest of her caseload split between worker’s compensation cases and personal injury cases. The firm also specializes in motorcycle accidents, pharmaceutical litigation, and auto accidents.

Contact Iron Eagle Law

Hiring a lawyer for a personal injury, worker’s comp or social security case can dramatically increase a person’s chances of winning a large settlement and receiving the compensation they deserve. Firms such as Iron Eagle Law offer the type of experience and legal expertise needed to win a case and earn the type of high settlement a client deserves. While the pandemic has made it difficult to see the same level of progress in a case, due to court closures, Yang and her fellow attorneys are still working hard to meet with clients and discuss case progress and how to proceed during a time of social distancing.

Iron Eagle Law currently offers free consultations. Parties interested in meeting with Claudia Yang or other attorneys at Iron Eagle Law can contact the firm directly by phone, or by filling out the online contact form found on the website to schedule a free consultation.