One of the most important elements of an effective real estate team is knowing the ins and outs of a geographic area. It’s one thing to look a listing up online, but it’s an entirely different game to know the neighborhoods, personally, due to lifelong experience of living in that particular region. 

When it comes to the burgeoning metropolis of Seattle, no one knows it better than Seattle-native Daniel Dovinh of Dovinh Real Estate. Now managing a real estate platform that is hyper local, full service, and known for cutting-edge negotiation skills, technology, communication, marketing, and focus, Daniel has made a name for himself on both national and international scales.

Daniel is a realtor, also apart of the National Association of Realtors, and SKCAR which is the Seattle King County Association of Realtors of Sotheby’s International Realty, which exposes listings to 72 countries around the world, Daniel is able to marry the expertise and name-brand recognition of Sotheby’s with his Seattle-based real estate team.

The Real Estate Luxury Lens

“I approach real estate from a luxury lens, understanding that the entire experience is based on service, not on price point,” said Daniel. “We have a strong commitment to ensuring that clients not only know this, but that they also experience it from the moment they work with our team. From buyers to sellers, of every kind of background, we listen to what they want and need, so we are able to perfectly adhere to their expectations.”

Dovinh Real Estate has a fierce following of loyal clients who know that they are in good hands when working with the Seattle-based team. Daniel works to first educate and befriend the clients, so the buyers and sellers know everything there is to know about the transaction. By laying the groundwork first, with transparency and understanding, Daniel Dovinh has become one of the most trusted realtors in Seattle today.

Additionally, using Daniel’s personal understanding of the different nuances and details that relate to Seattle, Dovinh Real Estate offers a breadth of localized knowledge that can help clients make the most strategic decisions possible.

“Real estate is all about the little, smaller details that only locals would truly understand,” said Daniel. “As someone who was born and raised in Seattle, I know each and every neighborhood, and how they’ve grown and matured over the years. This kind of personal experience makes my job an absolute joy every day: I get to show people around my favorite place in the world.”

It Starts with an Understanding

Daniel is regarded as someone who has redefined the real estate process for buyers and sellers in Seattle and beyond. He places customer service at the center of everything he does, leveraging his social media and different communication channels so clients can get in contact with him and his team as needed. He knows that buying and selling a home can be one of the most stressful things we will ever do in this lifetime, which is why he is receptive, open, and honest with everyone he works with.