SimLab Soft, the virtual reality (VR) software company making VR more accessible to businesses worldwide, is proud to announce it has received a coveted Epic Games MegaGrant.

The virtual reality specialist, which helps businesses create VR experiences without the need for complex coding, will be using the grant to accelerate the delivery of several key new features in its free-to-use and subscription software services.

These include the development of its Unreal Engine-powered VR Studio – which offers the ability to create everything from simple 3D interactive models for product visualization to complex VR for education and training sessions. With the assistance of an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games, the company will be increasing VR collaboration, working on integrating VR into learning management systems, and will be moving forward with Sketchfab integration. 

The grant recognizes SimLab Soft’s innovative approach to making VR creation easier and more accessible to any person or business wanting to succeed in the Metaverse.

Ashraf Sultan, Founder, and CEO of SimLab Soft commented, “We are truly thankful for Unreal Engine, which we are using as a foundation for our software, and for the continuous support Epic Games has provided. Our Epic MegaGrant will enable us to provide even more sophisticated support services to businesses wanting to integrate cutting-edge VR technologies without the need for complicated coding.”

Requiring no advanced skills in 3D art, 3D modeling, or programming, SimLab Soft absorbs the complex coding and technology usually required for VR creation and distills it into easy-to-use downloadable software. Its services are available on a monthly subscription for professional and business purposes, or free of charge for personal use. 

Alongside its creative VR Studio, SimLab Soft offers a free, standalone cross-platform VR viewer for running VR experiences, a CAD/VR converter tool, and SimLab Composer, its feature-rich 3D visualization software aimed at engineers and architects.

The support from Epic MegaGrants recognizes SimLab’s vision to make VR a viable strategy for any business. The program provides funding for a range of creative and technological work, from game developers to VR enterprises, and education programs to media organizations. MegaGrantsgrants are a $100 million commitment by Epic Games to support innovative, creative, and future-focused Unreal Engine projects, as well as those enhancing the open-source 3D graphics community. 

About SimLab Soft:

SimLab Soft makes product visualization and VR creation simple and effective for individuals and businesses. Its suite of easy-to-use software products includes:

  • SimLab Composer. A powerful 3D software tool that allows architects, engineers, and other professionals to create top-quality 3D rendered images for product visualization, rendered movies, VR scenes, and animated PDF files. 
  • SimLab VR Studio. No-coding VR creation software with a free edition available for personal use. Includes all the tools you need to create a range of VR experiences.
  • SimLab VR Viewer. A free, standalone cross-platform VR viewer for running VR experiences.
  • SimLab Plugins. Import/export 3D creations into and out of chosen design applications.
  • SimLab CADVRter – A standalone, free 3D/CAD/VR conversion tool.