Gregg W. Luther, PLLC Discusses Transitioning to Online Legal Representation in 2020, Prioritizing their Clients’and Staff Safety

At Case Engine, the digital marketing and public relations company for lawyers, we sat down with leading attorney Connie Calvert of counsel Gregg W Luther, PLLC in Oklahoma to discuss what changes have been made in the legal field during this time of social distancing. Many lawyers have not only had to make significant changes to how they meet with clients, but how they handle cases, trials, and hearings. Culvert’s take on the major changes implemented in the legal world gives us a fresh look at how these top attorneys handle cases, meet a client’s needs, and move forward in a case when most of the world remains at a standstill.

Entering the Virtual World

Connie Calvert is a top attorney of counsel Gregg W Luther, PLLC, one of Oklahoma’s top-rated medical malpractice attorneys. When asked what the most significant change she has had to make to her business in 2020, she, like many lawyers all over the country, stated that Zoom was one of the biggest adjustments. Using video conferencing software has had a huge impact concerning how she handles a case and meets with clients and fellow attorneys, in addition to making court appearances. Culvert stated” We did a hearing just among council on Friday, and it was fantastic. I don’t think I’m excited about trying to do that for a trial. Although nationally, we’ve had many firms who are doing so. However, you do lose some of the ability to relate.” Many lawyers have shared Culvert’s concerns in terms of how a case is handled on video conferencing programs, such as Zoom. It does leave many feeling somewhat removed from the courtroom and can make presenting a case more challenging. According to Culvert “You don’t know if your jurors are tuned in the whole time.” Of course, learning how to handle a case and interact with a jury on a video monitor is an issue that attorneys all over the country must learn to adjust to.

Video Conferencing Safety and Privacy

Another issue is the safety and security of these video conferencing programs. According to Culvert “So far we’ve had some disagreement among our jurisdiction about which app is the safest. Is Zoom safer than what we call Blue Jeans? I’d never heard about Blue Jeans, but I’ve got some judges who use it. I think we’re going to have to get ready to be able to serve litigants that way, no matter what we want, no matter how quickly we recover from the pandemic.”

Calvert expressed that the courts are still trying to get used to the transition with everything being done on Zoom. She stated that having focus groups have been vital in making the transition to doing everything over a video call. It also has made it easier to gauge a larger group when they host focus groups. “Say you want to open your three-sentence statement on the case. Does a group understand what that means? Does it resonate? We focus group everything. That part of the business has become much better because we’re on Zoom. We’re getting a broader pool of focus group members. You still might want to do something locally to test a local issue, so there are a number of areas where this has really helped our practice.”

For many, there are pros and cons to handling a case via video conferencing programs. However, considering the state of the country, handling cases, and meeting with clients using these video conferencing programs appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

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The law offices of counsel Gregg W. Luther, PLLC continue to offer legal representation to medical malpractice victims, by meeting with their clients and handling a case using video conferencing programs such as Zoom. This allows clients to still enjoy the legal representation needed for complex medical malpractice cases. Those seeking legal representation can contact the legal team at the law offices of Gregg W. Luther, PLLC by phone or by filling out an online contact form found on the attorney’s website.