John Tallman Explains How Law Firms are Adapting During these Times of Social Distancing. 

John Tallman, a solo practitioner located in Grand Rapids, MI, spoke with the team at Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers. Tallman discussed the different changes he has had to adapt to in 2020, going into 2021, and what the law field is now like with closed courtrooms and having to rely on technology to meet with clients and handle depositions. 

The New Norm 

John Tallman is a solo practitioner who primarily focuses on personal injury cases. He also practices commercial litigation and handles crop insurance as well. When Case Engine asked Tallman about the biggest changes he has had to make in 2020 going into 2021, he explained that the biggest standout is not being able to go to court. He mentioned he has only been in court once this past year. 

Tallman is based out of Michigan, and after being completely shut down, the state is finally starting to slowly open back up again. 

He has had to take most depositions over Zoom, however, they have had a few in-person depositions as well. Tallman and support staff have started coming back into the office, yet, there has been a lower volume of cases on the personal injury side of things. Tallman attested that this was mainly due to fewer car accidents.

Like other personal injury attorneys in his position, Tallman has had to adjust to working cases as best he can, using trusted online platforms, such as Zoom. For many, meeting with clients, attending depositions, and the occasional hearing via Zoom has become the new norm. There are some advantages to handling cases in this manner, such as a more streamlined process, no waiting for hours at the court, and the ability to schedule meetings without the added time of commuting. But for many attorneys, the personal element is missing when meeting with both new and old clients. Additionally, many lawyers have stated that for depositions, you really need to be in the same room with that person to get a feel for how the person being deposed is responding to questions. 

In the coming months, many people are anticipating that more businesses and courtrooms all over the country will once again open their doors. For now, lawyers such as Tallman are continuing to meet the needs of their clients using online platforms and working hard to see some case progress. 

Contact John Tallman 

Tallman, a solo practitioner who is dedicated to working with his clients during this challenging time, is a lawyer with a reputation for pushing for results. Fortunately, he has been able to adapt to life using Zoom and is hopeful that the local courts will open within the coming months. To speak with Tallman, you can contact his office directly.