The team from Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, sat down with attorney Michael Bryant from the law office of Bradshaw and Bryant PLLC. Bryant and Case Engine discuss many of the changes that have taken place at his firm during a time of social distancing and how the firm has risen to the challenge. 

Focusing on Client Communication and Case Development

Michael Bryant is a partner at the law office of Bradshaw and Bryant PLLC, where he specializes in plaintiff personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, motorcycle accidents, and auto accidents. When asked what major changes his firm has made in the way they handle business in 2020, Bryant explained that one of the biggest challenges involved following proper social distancing precautions in the office. This included creating entirely new schedules for the whole team, rotating attorneys for different days of the week, and ensuring his staff remained supported and healthy. 

Clean up and maintaining cleanliness was another obstacle that Bryant took on personally, pitching in with other staff to make sure the offices were sanitized between clients throughout the day. 

However, one of the most troubling changes that Bryant has noticed since the rise of the pandemic is more and more clients settling with claims adjusters. “We saw several people that were settling their cases on their own, because they were ripe for the picking for claims adjusters to come along and say, “Hey, how about if I give you a couple of thousand dollars?” They settled and thought, “I’ll get through this.” So, we probably lost some cases that way”.

Of course, many people know that courts all over the country are closed or have very limited hearings available. This has pushed back hundreds of cases. For clients who are already out of work and struggling to make ends meet, due to the pandemic, this caused many people to settle prematurely, missing out on larger settlements. 

As the world slowly comes back to normal and more courtrooms are now proceeding with cases, there’s no doubt the firm will see an increase in appointments with clients who are eager to move forward with their case. 

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Through the many challenges that they have faced in 2020, the attorneys at the law office of Bradshaw and Bryant PLLC have continued to work with clients, fighting for their rights during a very challenging time. Whether the partners were helping out fellow attorneys, juggling schedules, or sanitizing the offices to ensure both client and employee safety, the attorneys at the firm have held strong and adapted in the most challenging time. Their hard work and dedication to the field is just one of the reasons they remain one of the most successful firms in the state. To schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys from the firm, you can visit their website and fill out an online form, or you can contact the firm directly.