Patricia Rodriguez of the Rodriguez Law Group Discusses How Smaller Firms are Adapting During 2020

There’s no question that 2020 has put many challenges in our path, with the pandemic impacting how we see family, friends, dine out, and conduct business. The law field has also been hit hard, with many courtrooms closed around the country. Many cases are essentially on hold until more courtrooms open their doors.

The team from Case Engine, a public relations, and digital marketing company sat down with Patricia Rodriguez of the Rodriguez Law Group Inc. in San Gabriel, California. Rodriguez, no stranger to taking on a challenge, discussed what challenges her firm encountered in 2020 and how they handle practicing law in today’s climate.

Staying Afloat During a Time of Social Distancing

Growing up in South Central LA, Patricia Rodriguez saw so many injustices and sad situations as a child. She then took an introspective look and asked herself “How can I make a difference?” “How can I change the world?” People would tell her that if she wanted to change the world and make a difference, she needed to become an attorney.

Patricia opened her practice right out of law school and began to focus on foreclosure defense. She managed to make it from renting her own office space to starting her own firm, then having multiple offices and several attorneys working for her, to eventually scaling back. Rodriguez stated, “I learned that bigger is not always better.”

When Case Engine asked Rodriguez what were some of the biggest changes she and her firm have had to navigate through in 2020, she explained that at the beginning of the year, when the courts were shutting down, she lost a few attorneys due to the lack of cases coming in. She then had to take a step back and ask herself “am I going to sink or swim?”

Forming a Strategy

During the year 2020, her firm had to strategize a whole new way of doing things, to reinvent their image. She then began transitioning to focus primarily on criminal defense, civil defense, foreclosure defense, real estate, as well as family law.

For Rodriguez, success involved making the change to a smaller group of people working for her, with a smaller caseload, but with a higher profit margin on each case. Rodriguez added that this year also gave her the opportunity to transfer back to the business side of things, taking an active hand in advertising her firm via Google Ads campaigns.

Rodriguez has managed to find success during this challenging time when many other firms have seen a significant drop in cases. With her drive and dedication to her work and the success of her firm, it comes as no surprise that the Rodriguez Law Group Inc. is one of the leading firms in the state.

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Patricia Rodriguez has made many changes to her firm in 2020, with successful results. Parties interested in contacting Rodriguez, or meeting with an attorney from her firm can contact her and other attorneys directly by phone, or by filling out the online contact form found on the group’s website.