John Risvold Explains How the Field of Law is Utilizing Technology to Handle Cases in 2020

John Risvold, an attorney at The Collins Law Firm, met with staff from Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, to talk about what changes he and the other attorneys at his firm have had to make in 2020. Many of the leading firms have had to make major changes to ensure client and employee safety during the pandemic, but not many firms were as well-prepared as The Collins Law Firm, and ready to take the steps necessary to ensure the firm ran smoothly.

Developing a Stronger Online Presence

Changes have been made concerning how every company conducts business these days, and for law firms, it’s no different. When the team at Case Engine asked what significant changes Risvold and his firm had to implement this year, he replied that being an outgoing and sociable person, networking was always vital for him and his business. He is a very extroverted person, so it was a total adjustment for him to try and transition to relying more on social media, email and Zoom calls to stay in contact with clients. Although this year has been unfortunate to say the least, his firm was set up for this type of thing.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re in this situation, but our firm has implemented technology for a long, long time to make sure that we have sort of seamless processes. So, we’ve all been working quasi-remote since March. I’m in the office one or two days a week. And then the rest of the time I’m remote and it’s seamless. So, our firm, we just kept running.”

With no trials for the past several months, Risvold said there has been a lot of interest in settling cases from the defendants and insurance companies involved.

Relying more on technology to interact with clients, meet with fellow attorneys, and conduct business as normal as possible has been a struggle for many of the leading firms all across the country. But The Collins Law Firm was well-prepared for this type of transition. While the transition itself is seamless, it can be challenging for Risvold to solely rely on technology and social media to continue to remain in contact with old clients and reach new ones. Of course, this type of dedication, planning, and drive, is what makes The Collins Law Firm one of the top firms in Illinois.

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The Collins Law Firm that has adapted to and handled change well, as this team of lawyers have continued to work tirelessly to move forward with cases, meet with clients, and conduct business during a time of social distancing. To meet with one of the attorneys at the firm for a consultation, interested parties can contact the firm by phone, or by filling out an online contact form found on their website.