Dennis Kellogg Discusses How Technology is Being Implemented in the Law Field

All Americans have had to make significant changes in how they work, eat out, receive medical treatment, and even in how they receive legal guidance and representation. In the past, meeting with an attorney was a simple enough process, but these days, most firms have made the switch from meeting with clients in-person to handling cases and client interaction online. For some attorneys, making the switch to online meetings, depositions, and court hearings has been a huge timesaver, but for many, this change has also led to a huge backlog in cases, as many courtrooms still remain closed during the pandemic. Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company for lawyers, sat down with Dennis Kellogg and Andrew Javonic, to learn how their firm is adapting to these major changes and what lies ahead in 2021.

Adapting to Change

The Law Office of Dennis J. Kellogg primarily focuses on cases that fall under the umbrella of personal injury. This would include car accidents as well as slip and fall cases. Dennis stated that approximately 70-80% of their caseload is personal injury cases, however, they also have taken on commercial litigation cases as well. Andrew, being a newly appointed attorney and now a partner at the firm, has his sights set on criminal defense as well as contract disputes.

The team from Case Engine spoke with Kellogg and Javonic to discuss what major changes the firm has made during this time of social distancing, in terms of how they handle cases and meet with clients. Kellogg who just recently appointed Andrew answered that with having the courts closed, their strategy has been focused on the transition to implementing technology to adapt to the changes. Normally, they were used to meeting clients face to face and attending court. With everything being closed, they had to adapt to the times and were using video conferencing programs such as Zoom. However, the switch to online client interaction has allowed them to be more available and take on clients in different cities without having to travel to and from their location. 

What the Future Holds

There have been advantages and also disadvantages to having depositions over Zoom, whether it be assessing credibility or having background interference with the audio. Kellogg said it has been vital to adapt to the changes. Kellogg mentioned the possibility of having trials over Zoom and what that might look like. He believes it will be more difficult to grab and maintain the attention of the jury.

Contact the Law Office of Dennis J. Kellogg

Both Kellogg and Javonic remain hard at work, pushing to see case progress while continuing to meet the needs of each client during this time of social distancing. With any luck, more courtrooms across the country will continue to open their doors, so we, as a country, can attempt to get back to life as usual. To speak with Kellogg or Javonic, the firm can be contacted directly by phone, or by filling out an online contact form found on their website.