Dan Garner from White & Garner Explains How Trial Lawyers are Handling Cases in 2020

In 2020, many courtrooms have closed their doors. Some have reopened but have limited court appearances to emergency hearings only. All over the country, cases have been put on hold, with no word on how soon courts will reopen their doors and conduct business as usual. This is a challenge for both attorneys and their clients. But many lawyers have learned to adapt to these changes and still work closely with their clients, proceeding with mediations, arbitrations, and settlement discussions, using video conferencing software when possible.

Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, met with Dan Garner from White & Garner Trial Lawyers to learn how he and his team have dealt with the many changes in 2020 and how they have adapted to this new way of handling business during a time of social distancing.

Stepping Back from the Courtroom

Garner and White is a plaintiff’s focused personal injury firm that’s not afraid to take a case to trial. Once they accept a client, they’re willing to go all the way to a verdict. But unlike some competing trial lawyers, they firmly believe in giving the client more control over how the case is handled, in terms of letting them choose how to proceed, based on the options and advice they provide. Garner firmly believes that their job as attorneys is to make sure that their clients make well-informed decisions and do what’s best for themselves and the outcome of the case.

Being a trial lawyer during the pandemic has brought many challenges for Garner and his team of two associates and three paralegals.

How Handling Cases Has Changed

As a trial focused firm, and with trials being a major part of what they do, Garner stated that he has not gone to trial since March. He explained that he and his team have had to get more creative with their settlement strategy since there isn’t a jury for the foreseeable future.

As far as interactions go with clients and everyday work, the firm has had to incorporate Zoom, a popular video conferencing program. “We’ve dealt with mediations using Zoom, and we’re also doing some arbitrations. But yeah, just regular settlement behavior. Once trials start up again, we’re probably going to have to do two years’ worth in a span of one year.”

Contact White & Garner Trial Lawyers

The world is returning to normal in some parts of the country, as courtrooms open their doors. But this process is a slow one and many cases are still delayed for an undetermined length of time. Garner is among many of the trial lawyers all over the country who is anticipating an intense return to the courtroom after almost a year of practicing social distancing precautions and handling court matters and meeting with clients using video conferencing software. Fortunately, Garner is dedicated to meeting with his clients to keep them up to date on the progress of their cases and what to expect in the future.

Parties interested in contacting White & Garner Trial Lawyers, can contact them directly by phone or by visiting their website and filling out the online contact form.