It’s every person’s dream to manage some kind of passive income business that makes them a millionaire. If we could go to bed every night and wake up the next morning having made thousands while we slept, we would achieve everything we’ve ever wanted in this life. Yet too many people will consider this kind of dream to be just that: a dream. They will never take the steps they need to realize that this kind of passive income pipedream is much more attainable than they have ever been taught.

When real estate investor and mentor, Rachel Acklin, was fresh out of college at 23-years-old, she figured that working a corporate job is just what ‘made sense.’ Or at least, that’s what she had been told by society for the duration of her life. But when the unexpected happened and her family received news that her father had stage 4 cancer, Rachel decided to reject the standard 9-to-5 and find a way to make money while she slept. 

With this kind of personal freedom, she could be with her father and care for him while also covering her bills. Working in an office would prevent her from being with her family when it mattered the most, so Rachel set out to research as many different passive income options as possible. Piquing her interest the most was investment real estate, where she could buy properties and act as a landlord, stacking more and more to her portfolio overtime. 

Learn as You Go

Understanding that real estate investment would be hard to break into at first, Rachel bought her first property and made some initial mistakes. But, not deterred from the lessons learned that came from these mistakes, after the first property, Rachel was ready to go apply her knowledge to what is now a 48-cash flowing door portfolio that she manages as an investor.

“Whether a person is starting with $1,000 or $1 million in the bank, they can create financial independence through real estate. I would know, as someone who started my journey with very little money to my name. I always thought a person had to have thousands to dive in, but I was mistaken,” said Rachel. “I want other people to know this kind of reality is possible for them today.”

Rachel has been integral in 200+ real estate transactions to date, having helped hundreds of clients buy and sell real estate. She has helped individuals curate their own personal path to financial independence, while acting as a real estate mentor to hundreds more. She has also established a successful career as a Realtor and manages her own small team, providing Rachel with real-time insight into the industry.

5 Key Steps to Success

Rachel has also packaged her ‘5 key steps to success’ program that she shares with families and professionals intent on breaking into this market. As someone who has replaced her income with past income entirely, able to pay her bills while traveling and spending time with her family, Rachel wants everyone to know that they can do this, too.