Dallas Norton from Western States Law P.C, Discusses How Law Offices were Affected During the Pandemic


Many changes have taken place all over the country, due to the pandemic and strict social distancing practices and safety protocols. This has made it difficult for lawyers to handle cases, since many courtrooms have closed their doors, leaving case progress at a standstill. Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company sat down with Dallas Norton from Western States Law P.C, in Aurora Colorado, to discuss the major changes he has encountered practicing law in 2020.

Following Social Distancing Practicing

Many law offices all over the country have had to implement important safety practices when meeting with clients. In some firms, client communication is restricted to phone calls, emails, and video calls, during this time of social distancing. Western States Law P.C. is one of the leading firms in the state, but they’ve also experienced their fair share of hardship this year, with a lack of case progress and a dip in the types of cases they routinely handle.

Western States Law is a firm that primarily focuses on personal injury. Under that general umbrella, it ranges from motor vehicle accidents to slip and fall cases. Anything that is considered a negligence case, they take to trial.  

When Case Engine asked Norton what were some of the most significant changes he and his business have had to navigate through in 2020, he explained that his firm’s top priority was to follow safety protocols and make sure clients felt comfortable. The firm had to make the transition to having a majority of its interaction with clients over the phone. Additionally, court hearings are now conducted using video conferencing software.

The firm has also experienced a change in terms of the types of cases it’s seeing.

With less people driving on the road, it has directly affected the firm’s business. There haven’t been as many accidents, which resulted in the firm taking a step back to budget and look into different avenues for marketing. 

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Implementing important safety practices and ensuring their clients remained comfortable and felt safe are just some of the major changes Western States Law P.C. has undergone in 2020, in addition to attending court matters via video conferencing software. Like Western States, many firms have also seen a drop in the types of cases they typically receive throughout the year. Of course, many people believe that by this time next year, life will have returned to normal. Until then, Norton, and his fellow attorneys, plan to keep handling cases, following these essential safety practices, while working to meet with clients and attend court hearings.

Parties interested in speaking with Norton, or other attorneys at Western States Law P.C, can do so by contacting the firm via phone, or by visiting their website and filling out the online contact form.