Kia Wrice Explains The Major Changes Law Firms are Facing During the Pandemic

In Ohio, life still has not returned to normal, as many people continue to practice social distancing protocols. Many of the state’s courts remain closed due to the pandemic’s surging numbers. Attorneys all over the state have continued to push for case progress, making major changes in how they meet with clients and handle cases. Attorney Kia Wrice of The Law Office of Kia Wrice sat down with the members of Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations firm for attorneys, to discuss the biggest changes she has had to navigate in 2020, while many courts have remained closed.

Changes in Caseloads

Many personal injury attorneys have reported that they have seen a major decrease in the types of personal injury cases they have handled, due to the pandemic and stay at home orders that have been implemented all over the country. There have been fewer vehicle accidents, also due to more people staying at home and off the road.

We sat down with Kia Wrice to discuss the changes she has implemented in the workplace in 2020, how the pandemic has impacted her business, and what types of changes occurred in terms of caseload and case progress.

At the Law Office of Kia Wrice, Wrice primarily focuses on family law, criminal law, and personal injury. Wrice has owned her firm for over seven years. She is a solo practitioner that has a legal assistant and works with a few contract attorneys.

When asked what were the biggest changes she encountered in 2020, she responded that being fluid in both adapting and adjusting in terms of business operation was very important for Wrice and her practice. They went from meeting clients in-person to video conferencing or meetings by phone. They also incorporated different document management systems, to help disseminate more documents to clients. 

Wrice also mentioned that the seasons play a part in how she interchanges between the three practice areas she focuses on. During this last year, she saw a spike in divorce cases, and instances where parents wanted to ensure that they were able to see their children during the lockdown.

The Future of Law in 2021

Are more changes coming in 2021? Most likely. With a vaccine now available, many people are hopeful that the world will finally return to some level of normality. For now, Wrice, like many attorneys all over the globe, will continue to follow social distancing safety practices, meeting with clients online to discuss case progress. Hopefully, 2021 will not be filled with the same drastic changes we encountered in 2020, with positive changes ahead.

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