Utilizing Technology to Meet a Client’s Needs in a New Age at the Busset Legal Group

There’s no question that times have changed. In the course of a year, social distancing practices have changed how we shop, how we dine out, and even how we meet with our legal counsel. The team at Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, sat down with one of the leading attorneys in the state; Rachel Busset of the Busset Legal Group PLLC, to discuss what changes her firm has made in this new age, and how she and the other attorneys at the firm conduct business in an age in which technology is heavily relied upon for client communication and general interaction.

Navigating Through 2020

Rachel Busset is a partner at the Busset Legal Group. Her primary practice is in bankruptcy, employment disputes, divorce, and personal injury.

When asked what was the most significant change that she and her firm have had to implement to navigate through the year 2020, Busset stated “I think the most significant change is just finding new ways to utilize technology to meet our client’s needs. As an all-female and family-oriented firm, we were already a little bit ahead of the curve, but we had to fully jump on and adopt technologies that we hadn’t yet, like Zoom.” Using video conferencing programs to meet with clients, and attend meetings and hearings, has become the new norm. In fact, the growth in Zoom usage has exploded over the past several months. As of April 2020, the number of Zoom users has increased to over three hundred million paid and free daily meeting participants.

Practicing social distancing has forced many law firms all over the country to utilize video conferencing to meet with their clients and coworkers. While there are other popular programs aside from Zoom, it still remains one of the leading video conferencing programs of choice for many attorneys.

Busset attested that with Zoom, it has allowed her to be more efficient when it comes to handling her cases whether a meeting is held in the courthouse or she’s meeting privately with a client. Additionally, the use of this software has also given her more time to prepare for court and work in the office.

Adapting to a New World

It’s business as usual at this leading all-female law firm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Utilizing technology to continue to meet with and reach out to clients during this difficult time has proven a challenge for many attorneys all over the country. Leading firms such as the Busset Legal Group have implemented these important changes in order to continue to provide their invaluable legal counsel in many areas of practice including personal injury, criminal law, family law, employment law, and probate and estate law.

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