Scott Blumenshine, Discusses How the Field of Law is Utilizing Technology to Handle Cases, and Meet Their Clients’ Needs.

All over the country, many businesses have closed their doors due to the pandemic. In fact, many courts have also been closed for several months, making it difficult for attorneys to see any real progress in their cases. The team at Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company for attorneys, sat down with Scott Blumenshine to discuss the changes he and his firm had to make in 2020 in terms of how they handle client meetings and cases as the majority of courts remain closed.

The Reality of Not Having Jury Trials

The Blumenshine Law Group primarily focuses on personal injury cases. Their usual caseload also encompasses wrongful death, as well as insurance coverage. Their business model aims to get clients’ cases in and work them quickly and get them to trial. Most cases settle and get resolved before they go to trial because anything can happen.

When Case Engine asked what the biggest change his firm had to make in 2020, Blumenshine answered “Adjusting to the reality of not having jury trials. Which is ultimately the reason why any case settles or eventually gets resolved.” He went on to explain, “The reason why we have insurance in our society is that it is a risk-spreading mechanism.” “Since there are no jury trials, there is no risk of a judgment against their insurance company and it takes away the reason for the insurance companies to pay the claims.

Blumenshine explained that he has practiced law for 32 years, but he has never had to deal with the reality of not having the courts open or having trials. 

Other Major Adjustments

Another huge change the firm had to adapt to was not being together in the office. They were used to being connected and talking to one another throughout the day. The firm also made the transition of relying more on technology as a means of keeping in contact with clients as well as their coworkers. In the past, Blumenshine and his firm enjoyed having weekly meetings to go over how the week went and to plan for the week ahead, so, having to adjust to utilizing video conferencing was huge. They also incorporated Zoom client reassurance, which helped to reduce the anxiety levels of the clients. With everything being done online, they haven’t had the first introduction during the client intake process. This process more or less breaks down the wall between the client and the attorney. Fortunately, video conferencing makes it possible for attorneys to safely meet with and get to know their clients.

Contact the Blumenshine Law Group

Scott Blumenshine and fellow attorneys at the Blumenshine Law Group continue to rely on technology to meet with other members of the firm and their clients, during a time when cases are at a standstill. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Blumenshine Law Group are dedicated to handling their cases and working out solutions as they focus on case progress during a time when courts are still hesitant to open their doors. Attorneys at the Blumenshine Law Group can be reached by phone or by filling out the contact form on their website.