Parag Amin Discusses The Challenges Law Field Faced During a Time of Social Distancing


Times are tough all over. There have been many changes made to how attorneys practice the law due to social distancing. Many courts remain closed, which can make it difficult to see any real progress in cases. Additionally, face to face meetings with clients have also been put on hold, requiring lawyers and their support staff to communicate with clients and fellow attorneys via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company for lawyers, sat down with Parag Amin, from the Law Office of Parag L. Amin PC, in Los Angeles, California, to discuss some of the challenges he has faced in 2020, and to learn about the major changes he has made to his firm.

Maintaining Efficiency in the Office 

Amin’s firm has been very successful over the past eight years. The firm focuses primarily on personal injury, business litigation, and employment law. His firm includes two other attorneys and an associate. 

When we sat down to discuss Amin’s firm, we asked him about the changes he has had to make in 2020 and what differences he encountered this year, compared to the previous year. Amin stated that maintaining operational efficiency was a huge factor in adapting this past year. Amin and his firm were brought up right around the same time as the economic collapse in 2008, and when he started his firm, they were still experiencing the repercussions. He learned early on you always need to be aware of your operational efficiency, even during good economic times. He realized that complacency can be detrimental. During this past year, he made it a point to go over his business practices to pinpoint any weaknesses and where his firm could improve on doing tasks more efficiently and effectively. He and his firm made the transition of relying more heavily on technology rather than manpower and focused on automating things more. 

Changes in Caseloads 

On the personal injury side of things, Amin stated that his caseload was affected during this past year because people aren’t driving as much. This makes perfect sense since many Americans are now working from home, places of business are closed, and social distancing practices have been implemented all over the country. 

This lack of personal injury cases resulted in his firm focusing more on the business litigation side and representing individuals and business owners in various breach of contract disputes, shareholder disputes, and partner disputes.  

Many lawyers all over the country have also found themselves branching out and handling different types of cases in 2020, compared to their caseload the previous year. 

Amin’s firm continues to make the necessary changes to represent its clients and provide the legal guidance needed in these trying times. 

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The country continues to hold its breath as we wait out the pandemic and learn how to adapt to a life of social distancing. Amin and his firm’s ability to adapt and still focus on client communication and case progress is just one of the many reasons his firm remains one of the most successful in the state. To contact Amin or another attorney from his firm, interested parties can visit the firm’s website to fill out an online contact form.