Randy Nash Discusses Challenges in the Field of Law in 2020

Randy Nash from the law office of Randy Nash PLLC sat down with the team from Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, to discuss the changes he has had to make 2020, in terms of how he practices law, chooses cases, and meets with clients. Like many attorneys all over the country, Nash has risen to the occasion, handling cases, meeting with clients, and adapting to how the law is practiced during a time of social distancing.

Handling Heavier Caseloads in 2020

Conducting business as usual is a challenge for most businesses these days. For attorneys, meeting with clients, handling mediation, and appearing in court are almost impossible in some parts of the country. Many people have been quick to settle lawsuits, in the hope of receiving a fast settlement. With many cases on hold due to the pandemic, lawyers such as Randy Nash have had to make some major changes in terms of how they practice law.

Randy Nash is a solo practitioner who focuses primarily on litigation, handling small business lawsuits. As a solo practitioner, Nash also works alongside his daughter, who is a paralegal. In terms of his standard caseload, Nash explained “Sometimes it’s owners of small businesses, sometimes its real estate matters.”

When asked what changes he’s had to make in 2020, concerning how he handles business during the pandemic, Nash mentioned that before this year, he would generally be more selective regarding the types of cases he took on and was more willing to pass work elsewhere. Now, he is taking” a broader spectrum of cases”. Whereas before, he would determine whether or not to take a case based on if his clients were inexperienced or whether he would be the best fit for a particular case.

Like Nash, many attorneys all over the country are also taking on a heavier caseload in the face of the pandemic. While many open cases are at a standstill in certain parts of the country, attorneys such as Nash, are still pushing forward to meet with clients and take on new challenges as they learn how to navigate the legal system in the face of the pandemic.

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In the new year, more changes are sure to come as some courts reopen their doors, but for now, attorneys such as Nash, continue to adapt to a new way of practicing law in a time of social distancing. Taking on a heavier caseload and handling new types of cases is just one of the major adjustments Nash and his staff have had to manage in 2020. His dedication to his work and clients is what has driven him to make these important changes and continue to move forward, as the world waits for life to return to normal. Those interested in contacting Nash to schedule a consultation can do so by visiting his website and filling out an online contact form. Potential clients can also contact Nash directly by phone.