Nathan Soleimani Discusses How Technology is Helping Law Firms During a Time of Social Distancing

In the past, meeting with clients face to face, handling depositions, and attending hearings, was par for the course in the field of law. These days, many things have changed, since social distancing practices have been implemented all over the country. The team from Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, sat down with one of the top attorneys in California, Nathan Soleimani, of the Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills law firm, to learn how he and his fellow attorneys have adapted to these changes and how it has helped or hindered how he practiced law in 2020. 

Transitioning to Online Client Meetings 

Soleimani is an attorney at the Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills law firm, where he primarily focuses on personal injury and car accident cases. We sat down with Soleimani to learn more about how he and his fellow attorneys handled business in 2020 and what changes his firm had to make, now that social distancing practices have been implemented and most of the courts in California have closed their doors. 

Soleimani explained “I think one of the biggest changes is transitioning everything to be online. It has been a lot more acceptable to not meet clients in person. Whereas before, it was always important for clients to put a face to the name. Now clients are relying more on reputation, google reviews, yelp reviews, or whether they come recommended or not. 

Before this year, when it came to personal injury, the most important thing was to get the client signed within that first conversation. They were already using DocuSign, and if you could get them to sign before they came into the office, that was the goal. The goal has always been to make things happen electronically and quickly as possible.”

The Challenges of Using Zoom 

Soleimani has noticed more and more people are reluctant to come into the office, which has taken away the aspect of building that trust with their clients. The firm aims to always communicate as much as they can with their clients to make sure they are comfortable. With everything being done over Zoom or telephone, it has made their reach broader. 

While using Zoom to communicate with clients has made it more challenging for lawyers to connect with new clients on a personal level, the ability to easily and quickly connect with clients regularly, online, can also be an important time saver. 

Meeting online with clients is something that many lawyers all over the country have had to adapt to. While it can make these meetings feel less personable, it’s definitely a safer alternative than meeting face to face, considering many parts of California are currently on lockdown. Fortunately, Soleimani and his fellow attorneys have successfully made the transition to online communication with their clients, so each case can receive the attention it deserves, even though many courts in the state are still closed. 

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