Arnold Gross Discusses How Technology is Helping Law Firms During a Time of Social Distancing

Meeting with clients face to face, litigating in the courtroom, or even attending a business meeting with fellow attorneys seems to be a thing of the past. Many law firms all over the country have adapted to the new way of client and coworker communication, and even how they handle depositions, hearings, and litigation. Thanks to the many changes that occurred in 2020, professionals all over the world have had to change how they handle business. Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations firm for lawyers, sat down with Arnold Gross from the State Law Firm, in Encino, California, to learn more about the changes he and his firm have made to stay safe and continue handling business in a time of social distancing.

Time-Saving Technology

Based out of Encino, California, The State Law Firm is composed of Arnold Gross, along with one other attorney and six support staff. In terms of plaintiff personal injury cases, The State Law Firm focuses on motor vehicle accidents, and premise and product liability. They handle some medical negligence cases as well, but not many due to California’s medical malpractice statute of limitations.

When Case Engine spoke with Gross and asked what some of the significant changes, he and his firm have had to navigate through within the year 2020, Gross replied “prior to March, Zoom was something you did with your camera, now Zoom is something everyone actively uses as a part of their practice. Whether it be for depositions, interviews, meditations or anything else. “

Gross added that they have had 10-12 mediations since March, and they have settled every case.

The Future of Mediation

Gross believes that Zoom mediation might be the new way of handling mediation cases. These mediation cases will not need all the office space they have in the past. However, he believes depositions still need to be done in-person. He explained that there are too many variables that go along with determining someone’s credibility, that you cannot get from seeing them on a screen.   

When asked about the process of beginning trials and how that would unfold, Arnold mentioned that criminal and unlawful detainers would take precedent. In regard to civil PI cases, they most likely will not take place until mid to next year, no matter when the trial was originally set. 

Contact the State Law Firm

Learning how to utilize technology and save time and money may be the future for the law field and other professions. While there are still some processes, such as depositions, that should be handled in person, Zoom, and other platforms have allowed many professionals to handle business in a fraction of the time. To learn more about the State Law Firm or to speak to Arnold Gross or one of his colleagues, you can contact the firm by phone or visit their website and fill out an online contact form.