Major Changes Law Firms Faced During the Pandemic

For many professionals, time seems to be standing still as businesses reopen, just to close again, months later. With the pandemic continuing to surge all across the country, many attorneys and other legal professionals have had to patiently wait for the courts to reopen their doors, as many cases have been put on hold due to safety protocols. The team at Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations firm for lawyers, sat down with one of the top attorneys in Los Angeles, California, Christopher G. Hook, to discuss what major changes he has made in 2020, and how he and his support staff are handling business during the pandemic.


Working Tirelessly for Clients When Cases are at a Standstill

Hook is a solo practitioner with front house staff and a law clerk. His practice area is in business litigation, primarily focused on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles. Hook provides good service to people that are entrepreneurs or people who run small to medium-sized businesses who have litigation needs. Hook has noticed that the volume of cases has gone down this last year. He’s also noticed businesses being more conscientious about having to avoid litigation. 

When he sat down with Case Engine, we asked him to tell us about the most significant changes he had to make to his business in 2020. Hook responded “everything has transitioned to being online. With the courts basically shut down in LA, there are no trials going forward.

Being a plaintiff’s attorney, it has been difficult for him to move cases to a conclusion. Since there is no set trial date, insurance companies have been more reluctant in settling cases before it goes to trial. Throughout this year, Hook has been faced with various insurance companies and adjusters who claim they are going forward and paying a fraction of what the case is actually worth.

The civil jury trials are suspended indefinitely in LA, so it has created immense difficulty in moving cases forward. Hook is seeing that new cases he has been taking on have trial dates set for early 2022.

These types of delays can be very frustrating for both clients and their attorneys. However, Hook is still taking on new clients, working tirelessly during negotiations to help his clients receive the type of settlements they deserve.

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Hook continues to fight for his clients, using tough negotiation tactics to push for a higher settlement, while insurance companies try to take advantage of the situation and offer unfair settlements. Like many other attorneys today, Hook has made important changes that allow him to continue to meet with clients and discuss cases, fight for his client’s rights, and push forward, despite the fact that many businesses in the city have closed their doors, due to rising numbers of COVID cases.

To learn more about Christopher G. Hook and the services he offers, you can contact him via phone or by visiting his website and filling out the online contact form.