Jordan Jewkes, of the Jewkes Firm LLC Explains How Courtrooms are Adapting to the Pandemic

Many professionals all over the country have had to make major adjustments at their place of work, whether it involved closing their doors, meeting with fewer clients, or sticking to online business meetings due to a pandemic that continues to show increasing numbers all over the country. In law, attorneys, paralegals, judges, and court staff have also had to make important changes that have impacted the progress of cases in every state. The team at Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company, sat down with Jordan Jewkes, of the Jewkes Firm LLC to learn more about the legal world during the pandemic and how Jewkes and his fellow attorneys have had to change how they handle business in 2020.

A Return to Trials in the Foreseeable Future

The Jewkes firm specializes in personal injury, with a caseload that mainly consists of auto accidents and truck accidents. They also handle slip and fall cases and some medical malpractice and dental malpractice cases. However, 80% of their caseload involves serious auto accidents. The firm has two office locations; however, they cover all of Georgia. They do see a majority of cases that come from the south Atlanta area.

When the team at Case Engine sat down with Jewkes and asked what significant changes he and his firm have encountered in 2020, Jewkes explained, “Having to transition from meeting clients in person and having court cases not move forward.” Jewkes stated that having to transition to utilizing technology more and incorporating that into meetings and staying in communication with their clients was a major adjustment.

Many firms across the country, and even some courthouses, have made the switch to Zoom meetings. Meeting clients online allows clients and their attorneys to interact and discuss case progress, safely, from the comfort of their home or office. In the courtroom, some courts are holding arbitration and mediations using Zoom, but in many states, trials are still on hold.

The Georgia Supreme Court has authorized returning to jury trials, but not until each individual court has implemented the proper protocols that will ensure everyone’s safety, to a degree that satisfies the Supreme Court.

With that being said, Jewkes believes there will be a tremendous backlog regarding trials that have been put on hold due to restrictions. Jewkes added that a lot of the backlog will come from the criminal justice system. There are a lot of accused or defendants in jails/prisons, and they have not been able to have trials either. In general, the civil system will come after the criminal system.

It’s currently unknown how long it will take courts across the country to reopen and return to business as usual.

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Fortunately, Jewkes and the other attorneys at his firm have held strong, working diligently to remain in contact with their clients, schedule meetings, and make as much progress as they can on each case until trials can be rescheduled.

Parties interested in contacting the Jewkes Firm LLC can do so by phone or by visiting their website and filling out the online contact form.