JD Haas, of the JD Haas and Associates PLLC Law Firm, Explains How Trial Lawyers are Handling Cases in 2020

With the courts closed, many lawyers have struggled to see any real progress in their cases, especially when it comes to negotiations or taking a case to trial. Since so many courts all over the country are still closed, it’s become a waiting game. Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers, sat down with JD Haas, of the JD Haas and Associates PLLC Law Firm to discuss the changes that have been made to how his firm handles business, and how they’ve managed to stay afloat in today’s climate. 

Handling Cases with Closed Courts

JD Haas and Associates PLLC consists of two attorneys and a paralegal. The firm focuses primarily on foreclosure defense on behalf of the individuals, bankruptcy, and debt settlement. They also handle personal injury cases on behalf of individuals. 

We sat down with Haas and asked him to discuss some of the biggest changes he and his firm had to navigate this past year. Haas explained that the first major change was having the court system suspended. Being trial lawyers, they rely heavily on the court system, and this greatly impacted their firm and case progress in general.

Working Remotely

Fortunately, Haas and his firm were accustomed to working remotely. The firm is licensed in 10 states, so the team was very familiar with conducting matters over the phone. However, everything ended up being done online, and this was something that his firm along with everyone else had to adapt to. Court appearances, in addition to maintaining communication with his clients, had to be done over the phone or using Zoom, a popular video conferencing program. 

In the beginning, when many business meetings, mediations, and depositions were done using Zoom, there was some question as to just how secure the software was. Once it was determined that Zoom was secure, many companies and courtrooms began using it, as a safe way to handle cases, meet with clients and other attorneys, and see some type of case progress. 

There’s no question that there will be quite a backlog in the courts once many of them open their doors in the coming months. 

Firms all over the country are focused on staying on top of their current caseload, pushing to see results. Firms such as JD Haas and Associates PLLC continue to remain one of the top firms in the state because of their dedication and drive to help their clients during this challenging time. 

Contact JD Haas & Associates PLLC 

While some courts have already opened their doors, most remain closed, offering limited hearings, which are usually reserved for emergencies. Haas and his team will continue to utilize Zoom to handle court matters and communicate with their clients until it’s deemed safe for life to return to normal once again. To contact the JD Haas & Associates PLLC,  visit the firm’s website and fill out an online contact form, or call their office directly.