Red light therapy is the talk of the town in the world of fitness and health, due to its non-invasive, anti-aging, and all-around health benefits that have not been recently discussed until now. Drawing on thousands of years of research and experience, one red light therapy company, BioLight, is looking to change the discourse.

The Answer is in Red Light Therapy

Founded and owned by Dr. Mike Belkowski, an expert in the study of red light therapy, Dr. Belkowski has elected to launch the first-ever podcast about red light therapy: the Red Light Report. By bringing on top experts in health, wellness, longevity, and biohacking, Dr. Belkowski is going to provide the most forward-thinking medical and health experts in the world with the ability to share their never-before discussed findings. 

“We are conditioned into thinking that chemical-based products and invasive surgeries are the answers to our health woes today; in reality, the answer resides in red light therapy, and I am very excited to start sharing my findings with listeners around the world,” said Dr. Belkowski. “Best of all, I will be bringing on some of the most notable scientists and researchers in the niche of longevity, so we can have exciting, informative conversations for everyone who chooses to tune in.”

Dr. Belkowski graduated from the University of Montana’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program in 2016, going onto launch his own private outpatient practice. The practice is now thriving today thanks to its holistic approach to physical therapy through the integration of unique treatments like dry needling, cupping, blood flow restricting training, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and red light therapy. Dr. Belkowski has years of experience working with red light therapy, witnessing its potential impact on his clients that he now plans to share through his podcast.

An expert at what he does, Dr. Belkowski routinely recommends red light therapy, based on research from more than 10,000+ peer-reviewed research articles. 

“I believe that red light therapy is a must for anyone looking to optimize their health and longevity,” said Dr. Belkowski. “I have firsthand witnessed what it can do not only for myself, but for my clients as well. I believe it’s time that the world learned more about this health practice – something that is so shockingly profound, it will have people talking worldwide.”

It Starts with Education

Dr. Belkowski is bringing his same dedication and enthusiasm to the red light therapy work into his podcast, discussing everything from methods and belief systems, to the highest quality and safest devices that he uses in his practice. He believes that educating the masses on the countless wellness benefits of red light therapy, as well as how to properly utilize this healing technology is going to change the world forever. He asks that all listeners be willing and open to learning about information that is going to totally change how they think about health.