Claudia Horan, Discusses How the Field of Law is Utilizing Technology to Handle Cases, and Meet Their Clients’ Needs.

As the country continues to social distance, work from home, and struggle to see some sort of normalcy over the last year, lawyers have been affected as well. Many attorneys have found their cases are at a standstill since courtrooms remain closed. Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing firm for lawyers, sat down with Claudia Horan of Long and Simmons Law, to discuss the changes she has encountered in law over the past year and what lies ahead for court cases in the law field in 2021.

Focusing on Case Progress & Adapting to Change

Claudia Horan is the head of the personal injury department at Long and Simmons and has been practicing at the firm for almost three years. The firm primarily focuses on criminal defense and personal injury cases. They also practice victim advocacy, which can be someone who is injured, or who is a victim of a crime. They will go to court and represent them for that as well. As far as personal injury, that can range from car accidents to slip and fall cases. They will also represent victims who may have been abused.

When asked about some of the major changes she and fellow attorneys have had to adapt to over the past year, Horan stated that one of the biggest changes was having to transition to all court matters done either telephonically or through Zoom. Normally, they were used to getting clients to sign documents in court and talking with them in court. Although using Zoom and communicating with clients on the phone has made certain things easier, in regard to travel time, doing so added a few more steps they had to incorporate in their process.

Delayed Cases

All over the country, many trials have been put on hold, with no definitive answer concerning when courtrooms would open their doors so cases could resume, and trials could begin. Horan added that there have been new administrative orders every few months extending the period in which trials can finally resume. Before the holidays, the courts in Arizona tried to reconvene the trials for the criminal cases. However, they soon retracted and were forced to further extend as well. Unfortunately, this is something many lawyers and their clients have had to deal with, making it difficult for both attorneys and their clients to see any real progress in their cases.

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In the law field, much is still left unknown concerning what to expect in terms of case progress and courtrooms opening their doors in the coming months. With a vaccine available, many are hopeful that major changes will take place in 2021 so that attorneys all over the U.S. can begin to tackle their backlog of cases and return to business as usual.

To speak with Horan or another attorney at Long and Simmons, attorneys can be reached via phone or by filling out the online contact form found on the firm’s website.