The Rieger Law Group Accommodates to their Clients in this Time of Social Distancing

As society continues to implement important changes in how we interact socially, many of these changes have also impacted the legal world. 

The team at Case Engine, a public relations and digital marketing company for lawyers sat down with one of the top attorneys in Oklahoma, Sean Paul Rieger, to discuss the significant changes his firm has made to accommodate their clients in this time of social distancing.

The Benefits of Serving Clients Remotely

Sean Paul Rieger is a licensed attorney, real estate broker, and architect. He is the founder and lead attorney at Rieger Law Group in Norman Oklahoma. While he began his career as a sole practitioner, he has since expanded his firm, employing some of the best attorneys in the state. His main area of practice is related to trusts, wills, contracts, business entities, property, construction, landlord-tenant, zoning, real estate, development, land use, and related litigation. 

When asked what have been some of the significant changes his firm has had to implement in order to navigate within the year of 2020, Rieger replied ”You know, probably the significant things that we’ve had to think about are how do you service a client remotely as well as you service them in person?” Rieger mentioned that society has already been making this transition of “touch-less” interaction with technology. So, his firm has adapted well, and it allows him to reach a broader audience. 

Additionally, with the use of popular programs such as Zoom, Rieger can handle a larger volume of clients and meetings in general, with just the touch of a button. These video conferencing meetings are not just convenient for attorneys, but their clients as well. 

Making Important Changes

Social distancing has changed how we move in the world, how we conduct business, and even how we seek medical treatment, shop, or buy a house. The use of video conferencing programs allows the attorneys at the Rieger Law Firm to spend more time discussing the logistics of a case, interacting with clients, and meeting with them on a more regular basis. 

Of course, in some cases, Zoom meetings are also used for court appearances. While these changes can certainly be challenging on some levels, on others, it allows attorneys to spend more time in the office, meeting with clients. 

Contact the Rieger Law Group  

The Rieger Law Group has made many important changes in 2020 to accommodate clients and to continue to offer the very best legal representation in the state of Oklahoma. The most significant change is ensuring they continue to provide their clients with the services they have come to expect. They’ve accomplished this by meeting with their clients remotely, via video conferencing programs such as Zoom. Clearly, this is a firm that goes above and beyond to provide their clients with the type of stellar legal counsel they need, even during these challenging times. The firm represents clients in legal matters that relate to all-things real estate, litigation, estate planning, property, business, and construction. 

Parties interested in contacting Sean Rieger and the attorneys at the Rieger Law Group can contact the firm by phone or by filling out the contact form found on the firm’s website.