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Adapting to the many changes in 2020 has been a challenge for most people. In the law field, there have also been significant changes in how cases are heard before the court and how attorneys interact with their clients and coworkers. Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company for lawyers sat down with Caitlin Graves, an estate attorney at the Title Law Group PLLC, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to learn what major changes her firm has made in 2020 and how it has impacted how she practices law.

The Remote Work Experience

Caitlin Graves is an attorney at The Title Law Group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her firm represents clients in the areas of oil and gas law, commercial law, business, civil litigation, and estate planning and administration. Case Engine sat down with Graves for an interview, discussing what major changes her firm had to make to practice law safely in 2020.

Graves admitted that one of the biggest changes was moving toward a fully remote work experience. She added that her firm being larger, it was vital that their firm was able to maintain privacy and continuity of contact with clients.

The firm had to take proper precautions by adding extra security measures, due to their whole office having to transition to working remotely. This required ensuring that their servers were up to date and properly secured.

Graves stated that with her being in estate law, she had to make herself more readily available as well as flexible. “It was no longer an 8-5 traditional business day, many of our clients have been navigating working from home, teaching, and being a full-time caregiver, all at the same time. That sometimes means I might have an estate planning meeting at 9:00 pm at night after the kids are in bed.” Graves stated that prior to the major changes in 2020, there were times when she would have to be more flexible with her schedule, but these days a higher level of flexibility is a necessity.

Working remotely hasn’t just impacted how Graves interacts with her clients. In fact, many courtrooms are now making use of video conferencing programs, such as Zoom, for hearings and trials. Zoom is also utilized to meet with coworkers, defense attorneys, and for mediation. These important changes allow lawyers, judges, and clients to continue moving forward with hearings and cases while allowing different parties to continue to practice safe social distancing precautions. It’s clear that the Title Law Group makes client-safety and security a priority. Moving forward, the firm expects more changes to take place, as the world as a whole continues to learn how to adapt to living in a time of social distancing.

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The Title Law Group is a large firm that’s comprised of lawyers with decades of experience in energy law, real estate law, probate law, and business and commercial law. Additionally, the firm handles litigation in the areas of real property transactions and contracts, and oil and gas. To contact the firm to schedule a consultation, Graves and the other attorneys at her firm can be reached directly, via phone or by filling out a short message form found on their website.