Miracle Myles Discusses How Law Firms are Adapting During Times of Social Distancing

Adapting to social interaction that’s more technology-focused due to COVID has been very challenging for many Americans. Not only have we changed how we interact with our friends and loved ones, but we also must take extra safety precautions in how we lead our day-to-day lives, including virtual doctor’s appointments and now, virtual meetings with our legal representatives. Additionally, lawyers have found it very challenging to see any real case progress since many courtrooms across the country remain closed or offer limited hearings, via video programs such as Zoom. The team at Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company, sat down with Miracle Myles of Myles and Associates, to learn about the many changes she has made to her firm, and what some of the biggest challenges have been during this time of social distancing.

Why Implementing Technology Has Been Vital for Law Firms

At Myles and Associates, attorneys go that extra mile to ensure their clients are well taken care of immediately following an accident by connecting clients with doctors that have excellent reputations for providing top-notch medical care to accident victims. Attorney Miracle Myles explained, “We’re here for the victims of accidents and we specialize in handling personal injury cases, car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, other commercial truck accidents, and also wrongful death claims of victims that have been in those types of accidents.” Myles continued,

“We’re focused on accident victims and ensuring that they get the care they need and the representation that they need and also finally, the compensation that they need for their injuries.”

Prioritizing Client Safety and Care

When asked what some of the biggest changes were this year for her firm, Myles stated “The biggest changes are being accessible virtually. I’ve gotten to the point now where I can pretty much handle somebody’s case from A to Z and I’ve never seen them in person. And I think you just have to make yourself accessible, whether it’s somebody answering your phone 24 hours a day, but that’s something that you can do without COVID, but definitely being able to interact with your clients and they do not have to physically come to you.”

Miracle stated that the implementation of technology was vital in adapting to the various changes. Having access to Zoom has definitely played an important role in keeping up with meetings with clients.

These days, regarding personal injury law, you don’t have to go to court as much as if you were in criminal law. However, Myles believes it may cause an inconvenience down the road for personal injury cases that must be presented in court, in front of a jury.

Contact Myles and Associates

Learning how to adapt to these types of significant changes has been a struggle for many attorneys all over the country, but at Myles and Associates, the team focuses on client health first and makes it a point to ensure every client’s case receives the attention it deserves, even in these challenging times. To contact Myles or another attorney at her firm, their office can be reached directly by phone or by filling out an online contact form found directly on their website.