In today’s day and age, business coaching has become one of the more popular topics of conversation- simply because personal and professional development is high up there on the list of priorities for professionals from all around the world. Jeremy Griffin just so happens to be a business coach – but it’s not about his title, it’s about the unique approach that he brings to the table.

So, who exactly is Jeremy Griffin? He is the business coach with a secret.

Jeremy Griffin

Known for his creative and unorthodox way of thinking, Jeremy – AKA J-Griff – is one of the most influential mentors currently in the personal transformation space. He is often sought out by people interested in transforming their lives for the better, and his ability to bring a mind, body, and soul mentality to the transformation work that he does is something that really resonates with professionals today.

“For me, one of the biggest aspects of what I do is integrating the mind, body, and soul into my work. I tend to think about things holistically, and I strive to help my clients on a subconscious level first and foremost so that they can break through their self-created ceilings and limitations- to achieve the audacious business goals they truly desire.”

And it seems that he’s able to do just that. In fact, it is quite a regular occurrence for Jeremy’s new clients to report back to him shortly after joining one of his Mentorship programs with a completely transformed perspective of themselves, and of life itself. Oftentimes, they go from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to feeling much more clear, confident, and collected in the ways in which they feel about their lives – and their overall purpose.

It’s About The Subconscious Mind

“One thing that I’ve noticed throughout my career is that far too many business coaches focus on teaching tactics and strategies that target our conscious mind. Instead, I place the emphasis on the subconscious mind, so that my students are able to embrace alignment and ensure that those strategies and tactics become effortless, innate, and second-nature.”

It seems that Jeremy is on to something here, especially when you consider just how much power our subconscious mind has over our behaviors. As a mentor and a business coach, Jeremy is constantly focused on helping entrepreneurs implement and embrace the right strategies, behaviors, and habits to pave the way for success.

“It can be difficult to get out of your own way sometimes, and our programs are all about teaching entrepreneurs how to steer the ship in the right direction. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than having the opportunity to connect with today’s greatest leaders, goal-oriented individuals, and talented entrepreneurs who want to become the very best versions of themselves personally and professionally.”

Today, Jeremy continues to work with his clients and bring powerful and innovative programs to the table. As someone who is always striving to better himself as well, Jeremy understands just how high the stakes are for his students. Connect with Jeremy today to learn more about his mind, body, and soul approach to professional development and business coaching.