No stranger to hard work, discipline, and commitment to what she does, Wioletta is the embodiment of a hard worker who isn’t afraid to take risks and say yes to every opportunity that comes her way. Knowing that there are thousands of gimmicks and quick fixes online that promise fast weight loss and overnight fitness results to people all over the world, Wioletta has dedicated her time and her brand to helping people build sustainable, long-lasting fitness habits that actually create a change in their life.

The Wioletta Pawluk Fitness App
As part of the outreach and transformation services that she offers her clients, Wioletta has launched her very own fitness app, the Wioletta Pawluk Fitness App, which takes dedication, commitment, and accountability accessible to everyone. 

“Humans are impatient in nature – if we can have something in 48-hours versus two years, we’re going to go with the 48-hour option,” said Wioletta. “The problem is that no diet is going to produce results in 48-hours. And if the diet does produce some kind of change, it was at the behest of a dangerous, starvation-styled program that is not healthy for anyone. I don’t want people to fall for scam diets and workout regimes anymore, which is why I created an app that they can use from anywhere in the world.”

No Shortcuts to Success

Wioletta is a champion of ‘there is no shortcut for hard work and discipline.” Having gone to school for Architecture and working her way up to the biggest projects in Manhattan and the Hamptons, Wioletta knows that the most desirable goals of all come at the end of patience and hard work. She knows that there is no such thing as a shortcut; it’s merely a lie, veiled in pretty, shiny marketing, designed to veer us off course.

Due to the pandemic, it’s been harder than ever for people to get to fitness centers. Therefore, fitness has to be brought to them, and Wioletta is determined to do just that with her personal training app. Curated to each and every client, the app is filled with workouts that are designed for them, their equipment accessibility, and their individual goals. The app also includes access to nutrition guides and healthy tips, so individuals can make a well-rounded change to every aspect of their lives.

“It’s like having a personal trainer, right over your shoulder, except this time, I am in the palm of your hand,” said Wioletta. “A healthy body starts with regimented workouts and a meal plan that is tailored to each individual. I know that health is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, which is why I designed this app to take into account the personal needs and requirements of every person.”

The app also includes real-time texting with Wioletta, so that clients can message her at any time to ask questions. With an in-app community, easy-to-follow videos, and daily motivation that helps everyone stay on track, Wioletta is hoping to change lives with her agile mobile app.

She believes that with hard work and the desire to succeed, anything is possible.